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Rainy Day @Mr. Burger

Helloo...Mr.Burger is everywhere :D. That was rainy day when I came here. Located in the corner of HOS Cokroaminoto street’s junction, beside the traffic light, alone. *Actually we can find Mr.Burger’s shop in some place in this town (Yogyakarta :) ),  ex. Jakal km 5, Taman Siswa, Gejayan, etc*. I ordered a PAHE 2 a.k.a. “Paket Hemat”. It’s consist of a sunny beefburger and one glass of milkshake, I chose a yummyy chocolate milkshake. Why it was called “sunny beefburger”?, we can answered  from it contain. If we opened the bun, we can see a fried egg (telur ceplok or telur mata sapi in Indonesian) like a sun. It also contain a yummy thick beef in the middle of the bun, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, mayonaise, tomato sauce, and chili sauce (it’s depend on our preference, we wanna spicy burger or not). It cost only 13.5 k for those yummy food and milkshake (PAHE 2). Most of all, I like the “bite process”. WHY?? Because I must prepare my big mouth to bite the burger, so all component of the burger can go into my mouth LOL XD.

PAHE 2: sunny beefburger & chocolate milkshake
After the first bite XD
Raining in the outside

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