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Welcome August :D

It seem little late to say "Welcome August" because now is 7th August, not 1st August -__-",
hmm well,, it's ok. Actually I want to do many-many things *lebayy.com* in this August, especially because of holy Ramadhan, I want to more concern with my research, and of course increase "amalan-amalan" in this holy Ramadhan. Emm,, I want to try some recipe *I like cooking yeaahh*, and the recipe that I want to try is "almond cheese tart", hmm yummyyy :9, but because almond is little expensive, so I'll change with another pulses, hmm maybe I'll change with jackbean a.k.a. my lovely "koro pedang" hahahahaha, it seem interesting I think :P. You know what, koro pedang is my research project. Anyway I'll write 'bout my research in this blog and compare it with "true miso" (my research is 'bout making miso *miso: japanese traditional flavor) made from soybean. Oh ya, I also want to try making miso soup.

Hmmm...just wait,, first of all don't forget to say Basmallah to do everything :D
Be happy and always smile :) :)

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merry fatma said...

heyyyy rahajeeeenggg
I think I want to try your almond cheese tart ahahaha
ehya, where are you? I want to copy our photo at ArtJog

Punya Rahajeng said...

okay mer,,I hope u'll try my almond cheese tart hohohoho,, oia ur flashdisk is still in my wallet

Damar Sindoro Sumbing said...

semoga sukses project misonya

Punya Rahajeng said...

aamiin, terima kasih pak :)

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